Body scrubs focus on the care of our skin. We recognize the significance of maintaining its beauty and the importance it plays as the largest organ of the body. Through our scrubs, the skin is exfoliated, giving it a chance to “breathe” again. Circulation is stimulated, bringing a healthy glow to the skin and fresh nourishment to the system. Your rewards will be more than skin deep by adapting a regular exfoliation routine.

Tangerine Dream

A delightful exfoliation for the skin. A dreamy blend of natural sea salts and tangerine oil are gently yet firmly massaged over your body. Dull, dry skin is sloughed away leaving you with a soft, tangy glow. You will then experience the stimulating effects of either our Vichy or Swiss shower. The treatment concludes with an uplifting tangerine moisturizing massage. Your skin will be smooth and supple, tingling with improved circulation.

1 hour $125


Lavender Fields

Imagine yourself drifting through fields of lavender! A Lavender Solar Salts cleanse is followed by an exfoliation with Lavender and cornmeal and a finishing massage of Deep Lavender Rub under infrared lamps. This lovely and healing treatment will beautify your skin while restoring calm to your being. Includes Vichy or Swiss shower.


Organic Fruit Enzyme Peel

Experience the ultimate skin conditioner! This treatment renews and resurfaces the skin in a single session. Natural organic fruit enzymes remove dead cells and cleanse pores, restoring the skin’s clarity and balance. These enzymes also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Customized serums restore softness, smoothness and suppleness. Skin immediately looks more alive, luminous and fresh. Includes a Vichy or Swiss shower. Excellent for all skin types except those using Retin-A or Accutane or those who have fruit allergies.